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These are some of the statements people make when they come in for couples therapy:

Having a lasting, loving relationship can be a tremendous support and joy in one’s life. Yet the process of creating and maintaining an intimate bond with another person can be one of the most challenging. Often people don’t realize the work and skills involved in having a good relationship. Even the healthiest loving relationships have problems. The ‘healthy’ part of a relationship comes from having the skills and tools to resolve conflict and work out the differences that naturally arise in the course of your life together. It can be difficult to accept that the one person with whom you are so close, can ultimately feel so different or be so infuriating. A healthy marriage or partnership can navigate these conflicts, moving away from blaming and developing the skills for compromise, compassion and positive solutions. Couples Therapy can be the place to learn how to do it – a safe place where skills are fostered and taught. Fighting over commitment issues, jealousy, money, sexuality, betrayal, time alone or together, parenting or communication styles are common. Sometimes the patterns we learned about relating through our families that we grew up in create conflicts with our relationship partners. Whether your problems are small ones that keep you stuck or large issues, you may want to consider couples counseling. When you come in for couples counseling, the therapist will ask what your goals are and discuss the details of the problem from each of your perspectives. A Marriage and Family Therapist is a trained professional who can facilitate and teach communication skills and provide a safe place from which to work out differences. Starting couples therapy may feel scary but it can actually be an act of love – one that validates the importance of the relationship. Starting couples therapy demonstrates to both of you that it is worth putting the time and attention into understanding and feeling better about the relationship.

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"I came to Richard with no tools in my toolbox to help me with my anger and relationship issues. Within the first hour I talked to him, he had already given me insight as to why I was having the issues I was having, as well as a great starter tool to help me cope with the feelings and emotions that caused the issues to begin with...

~ S.

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Richard Pomper has a passion for helping people deal with difficult life issues. Since receiving his Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1986 from Phillips Graduate Institute, Richard has helped thousands of couples and...

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